How to hide the IP address of your device

If privacy is important for you, you will always try to find the way to hide the IP address of your device.

Why people hide device’s IP address:

People want to hide the IP addresses of their devices because of multiple reasons. Hiding the IP address of your device is not a big deal.
If you have basic computer skills, it is quite simple for you to hide the IP address. People hide their IP addresses because of multiple reasons, it may include:

  • To hide your identity from your competitors
    • You want to comment on your competitor’s products and also want to hide your identity.

  • To access geographic blocked websites
    • Some websites don’t allow to access their websites from certain geographical locations and by using proxy IP addresses people can access those websites.

  • To hide their location
    • The websites you visit, can track the location of your computer. By hiding your IP address, your website’s visits can not be tracked.

  • Bypass network restrictions
    • Some countries blocked specific websites in their countries. By hiding the IP address, you may by pass those restrictions.

Ways to hide the IP address of your device:

Use VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Best way to hide your IP address is to use VPN. With VPN, you get a connectivity to another network and your computer gets a new IP address from VPN provider. Every traffic from your computer goes through the VPN and your actual IP assigned by your service provider is hidden. With VPN, you can chose an IP address from many countries or cities.

Use Proxy Servers

There are thousands of free proxy servers are available over the web, which you can use to hide the IP address of your device. Using proxies means that your are not directly accessing the websites but using proxies which are acting as a bridge between your computer and your destination websites.

Main difference between VPN and proxy server is that proxy server does not encrypt your data while VPN encrypt all of your data coming into and out of your device.

Use TOR Browser

TOR is a browser similar to google chrome, internet explorer, firefox etc. It uses a distributed network of relays to communicate anonymously. It prevents someone to see that which websites are you visiting. It assigns a new IP address to your device as VPN client do. TOR also allows you to access deep or dark web which is inaccessible with regular browsers.

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