What is an IP address of your device

Every device connected to the internet has its unique address that is called the IP address of your device. All devices connected to your WiFi has different IP addresses. Just like you write a address on the parcel to send the parcel to a specific address. Computers / devices use unique IP address to send the data to specific computer over the internet. No two computer over the internet can have the same IP address.

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What your device’s IP address tell you?

 IP address has unique piece of information which track the location of your device and has the capability to establish a path to the device. What exactly your device IP address can tell to the world. Let me use the random IP address for the explanation. For this article, I am using “”  

Detail of IP address:

Above IP address is the IP address of a device, that is connected to the internet somewhere in Asia. It’s the IP address of the router through which the device is connected to the internet. There are different <a href=”https://www.ultratools.com/tools/ipWhoisLookup” IP lookup tools </a> are available which finds the contact information of a specified IP address.

Whenever you see the details of IP address, it can show you country, city and zip code of your location. But sometimes, it could show you the quite different results if the person is using VPN. But one thing is that you can’t see real owner information who is using that assigned IP address. You will get the IP address of the internet service provider. If you want to know the IP address of your network, you can also do that by visiting What is my IP address. Also there are other ways to check the IP address of your device.

How to check the IP address of Computer in Windows using command prompt:

You can determine the IP address of your Windows system by using the ipconfig command

How to check the IP address of Computer in Linux:

IP address of Linux system can be determined by using the ifconfig command

Following command can be used to find the public IP address of your machine

curl ifconfig.me

curl ident.me

Following command can be used to get the private IP address of your interface card

Ifconfig -a

How to find the IP address of Android device?

  • Go to Settings >> Connections
  • Tap on Wi-Fi (If you are connected with Wi-Fi)
  • Select the network through which you are connected with
  • Your device IP address should be displayed on the screen

How to find the IP address of IPhone?

  • Tap on settings, then tap on Wi-Fi
  • Find the connected WiFi- network and then tap on the blue arrow besides the network name
  • Your IPhone IP addess should be shown on the screen

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